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Hemp CBD For Horses

There are few animals as majestic and graceful as horses. Because many horse owners have experienced this firsthand, they treat their animals with extreme caution. Many horse owners, however, prefer a more holistic approach to improving their equine’s well-being. CBD for horses is one of these methods. A growing number of people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) as a daily wellness supplement, and the benefits extend to our multi-friends as well.

However, before administering CBD to your horses, you should know a few things. To ensure your horse’s overall health and well-being, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this all-natural supplement. Here at Holistapet, we’ll also highlight the several hemp Cannabis products for horses available for your horse’s care! Get ready to buck up and buckle up!

Horse CBD oil

Our broad-spectrum CBD oil for horses is sourced from hemp farmlands in Colorado. You can rest assured that all our CBD products are made with natural ingredients. Your horse’s macronutrient intake must be well-balanced, and our horse pellets are designed to do just that. A high-quality product is guaranteed from HolistaPet.

For horses, we have a variety of CBD products on hand. Each product was designed to meet the specific needs of your horse. Our products help horses with various ailments, including joint and mobility issues, stress and anxiety, and internal issues.

Do horses need CBD?

Equine CBD products include topical and ingestible forms of cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). Let’s take a closer look at what that implies. CBD is one of over a hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids in cannabis. There are more CBD concentrations in hemp plants (Cannabis sativa plants) than in any other natural plant.

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