Must-See Telugu Crime Movies in 2024

Get ready for an exciting ride as we explore the best crime movies Telugu in 2024. Brace yourself for a mix of suspense and unexpected moments that will keep you hooked. And where is the best place to enjoy these fantastic films? Go and watch it on aha, your go-to hub for Telugu entertainment!

  1. Keedaa Cola

“Keedaa Cola” injects a dose of crime and action into Telugu cinema, promising an enjoyable time for everyone. Tharun Bhascker, the creative force behind the film, guarantees a delightful adventure. The movie boasts a stellar cast, including Chaitanya Rao Madadi, Rag Mayur, and Raghu Ram, each playing crucial roles.

The plot follows Vaasthu (played by Chaitanya Rao), who faces challenges due to Tourette syndrome. Living with his grandfather Varadharaju (portrayed by Brahmanandam), Vaasthu earns a living by selling patient simulators. Things take a tricky turn when Vaasthu accidentally damages one of these simulators, leading to legal trouble with his employer. The storyline of this action-comedy Telugu movie unfolds through Vaasthu’s interactions with Lanham and Jeevan, revealing the twists and turns that shape their journey.

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  1. Addateegala 

“Addateegala” is a Telugu mystery thriller featuring Dora Babu, Arjun Kalyan, Vasanthi Krishnan, and Vinay.

The story unfolds during a vacation to Maredimilli, where the lives of a software couple, Abhi and Satya, take a mysterious turn. Things get eerie when a psycho killer enters the scene. Watch it on aha, as what follows is a series of chilling events. It will test their survival instincts.

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  1. CSI Sanatan

“CSI Sanatan” is an Indian Telugu-language crime thriller movie from 2023. The main stars are Aadi Saikumar, Misa Narang, Nandini Rai, Tarak Ponnappa, and Ali Reza.

The story revolves around Vikram Chakravarty, who manages a big financial firm with a soft spot for helping the middle class. Things take a dark turn during a party when Vikram is shot by an unknown person while everyone is intoxicated. The investigation falls into the hands of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Sanatan and his friend Inspector Rudra.

The movie explores Sanatan’s journey from a criminology student facing personal setbacks to becoming a skilled CSI, weaving together crime, emotion, and resilience in a gripping narrative. “CSI Sanatan” is not just a crime thriller; it’s a tale of overcoming challenges and finding redemption.

As we wrap up 

These are our top picks of Telugu crime movies in 2024. So, if you are looking for new Telugu movies download, aha stands out as the perfect destination. Not only does the platform bring these cinematic wonders to your fingertips, but it also ensures you experience every detail in top-notch quality.